FIR.Y18 | IORI'S EYES, Double Soul

Format: LP 180 Gram

Release Date: 13/03/2012

Artwork: Folp |

Licensed by La Tempesta International |

Limited Edition of 300 Hand-Numbered

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A-1. Wake Up Friend (P.Vo)
A-2. All The People Outside Are Killing My Feelings
A-3. Bubblegum
A-4. Winter Olympics
A-5. Something's Comin' Over Me
A-6. Vlad

B-1. In Love With Your Worst Side (Feat. Aucan)
B-2. The Merging
B-3. Why Here She Is?
B-4. Pull Me Down
B-5. They Used To Call It Love
B-6. D.Y.S.W.R.T.W.